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Your Resurrection

Updated: May 28, 2018

Deacon Gary Stevens:

Good morning my God given family. Prayer service in the sanctuary this morning @ 8:30 followed by our corporate fast from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Today's devotional reading is titled: Witnessing Resurrection. Read Luke 24:44-48.

"Witnessing the Resurrection" by Andrew Garnett

Luke’s resurrection accounts contain a common theme of remembering. Over and over again — the women at the tomb, the disciples in this passage, the two men on the Emmaus road — it turns out that the characters in Luke’s story don’t need to learn any new information. They need to remember what Jesus has already told them about resurrection.

We increasingly appreciate Luke’s emphasis on remembering. It has been said that we are our stories. The way we remember what has happened to us — the stories that we tell ourselves about our lives — fundamentally shapes who we are.

It is vital that we tell our life story in a way that is grounded in resurrection. When our life’s story is founded on a God who makes all things new, we will see evidence of resurrection — of new life — in every moment of the present. How can you see your life in light of the resurrection of Christ? How does remembering the story of Jesus’ resurrection change how you live today?

-Deacon Gary Stevens

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