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The False Prosperity Gospel

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Indeed, a very different perspective from many of the messages of our day. Much respect for His revelation and apparent exercise in ministry and lifestyle. Message adds another brick to my Christ-life quest. Purity of heart; like Pastor April said, motive; understanding, love of God's presence in relationship and faith, trump the satisfaction of the senses and the luster of this world's trinkets which fade away and perish. We were created for fellowship with God. True salvation in Christ and restoration of fellowship genders towards a balanced development and growth for every believer - bearing of much fruit. The spiritual fruits endorse oneness with God and with every believer. I do believe that there is a wealth of joy, peace, love and divine revelation for those who seek first Christ Kingdom and His righteousness and other things will be added. I do not believe in the one size fits all, faith where every believer will manifest their faith in rags or riches, apparent modest possessions or apparent extravagance or every believer being apparently vocal "charismatic" or soft spoken, leaders or followers but rather every believer be persuaded in his heart of God's redemptive salvation plan and seek first the glory of God and be uniquely governed by God to show forth His praise in the calling, culture, color, socioeconomic or race they are found - beholding Christ as the source, resource and maintaining it all. -PASTOR CHRISTOPHER T. HALL, SR.

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